About Us

Customer Press Release (April 2017)

Located in Buffalo, New York for over 40 years, our facility is not far from the mainline New York State Thruway.

Our philosophy in that time has remained the same: “Quality doesn’t cost money – it saves money.”

With many specialized machines in our shop our C.N.C. Department demonstrates impressive accuracy and precision for single and multiple unit production manufacturing.

In 2012 a new building was added to the company to accompany increasing demand. Take a look!

We specialize in offering heat exchanger replacement parts- tubesheets, baffles, rings, flanges, etc.  We have experience in providing these items in many different materials.  From carbon steel to stainless steel to Carpenter 20 to Hastelloy C276 to clad materials and just about everything in between, we have acquired the hands-on knowledge to make a quality part at a reasonable price.

If something unexpected occurs we are equipped for on-site equipment repair with a 24 hour breakdown service turnaround.

Our Quality Control and Assurance Department provides our customers with the confidence of superior products at very competitive prices.

In memory of our founder Edwin J. McKenica